Ethics and Safety.

Ethical artificial intelligence and the Defence sector are not antithetical. Our belief is founded upon the following convictions:

Specifically, our work is predicated on the cost-effective reduction of risk to service personnel and non-combatants, by the following approaches:

  • Improving strategy by understanding the biases inherent in human decision making.
  • Reducing the cost of military wargaming through the introduction of machine ‘players’.
  • Testing new capabilities in simulation with agents trained in deep reinforcement learning, thereby lowering public expenditure.

Technology is often in advance of regulators. We welcome engagement on this subject and encourage you to contact us.

Our red lines

The areas we work in

  • Signals intelligence
  • Situational awareness
  • Concept analysis
  • Tactical networks
  • ISR systems

The areas we decline

  • Guided munitions
  • Personal weapon