Our Work

We place the user at the centre of technology development.

Operational Engineering

Our mission as a systems integrator and software developer is to reduce the cost, complexity, and timelines of integration and enable continuous technological modernisation for users at the edge.

This means embracing a Modular Open Systems engineering approach and a DevSecOps methodology of continuous software improvement, so that operational capabilities remain adaptive as user need evolves and new technologies emerge.

Our problem-solving approach is geared towards finding and delivering best-in-class, cost-effective system enhancements at pace. We do this by collaborating closely with users to shape tactical system design and application development, and by exploiting the benefits of rapid prototyping to feed new solutions from the bottom-up.

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Circuit board design

Applied Research

Our domain knowledge and systems integration work gives us a unique understanding of the gaps and inconsistencies in information flows and the barriers to decision-making experienced by analysts, field personnel, and first responders.

So we're building Machine Learning applications and other novel solutions that will radically enhance the way that users experience their information environment and make decisions.

Driven by agile and human-centred design principles, our cross-functional teams take a hands-on approach to applied research to bridge the gap between academia and deployment.

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We embrace the grey area

We are hyper-aware of the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Defence and National Security.

But even though many of the ethical questions are cast as ‘grey area’ issues, we have a duty – and enthusiasm – to explore them whilst maintaining strong guiding principles for the safe and responsible development of AI.

We share our thoughts publicly too.