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Rowden's Fave Books and Films of 2021

Robyn Carr
Robyn Carr 15 Dec 2021
People and Culture

From civilisations of space spiders to Thelma and Louise - we've got your recommendations for the holiday period right here.

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Op Eng Door Sign

When Team Building meets 3D Printing

Alex Harvey
Alex Harvey 2 Dec 2021
Operational Engineering People and Culture

So this is what happens when you're asked to organise the Operational Engineering team-building challenge...

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Engineering in practice 2

Robot Wars Hackathon: Final Showdown

James Birchall
James Birchall 4 Nov 2021
Operational Engineering People and Culture

The low down from our Robot Wars Showdown finale.

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Killer Robot

The Rowden Robot Wars Hackathon

James Birchall
James Birchall 25 Oct 2021
Operational Engineering

This year's weekly hackathon at Rowden is Robot Wars. Who doesn't love a brutal engineering competition?

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