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Wicked problem

Wicked Game: Multi-Domain Integration and the Problem of Complexity

Hannah Croft
Hannah Croft 5 Aug 2021

How will the UK's future C4ISR system, what the Ministry of Defence describes as the ‘linking glue' to MDI, be realised?

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UK Defence Innovation: New acronyms and old ways of working change nothing.

Rob Harper
Rob Harper 10 Mar 2021

We are the lucky ones. We overcame the barriers to entry and are at the point of stabilising and sustaining our growth. However, without knowledge of the system, market entry would have been nigh on impossible.

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Rowden working

On AI Ethics and Defence Transformation

Hannah Croft
Hannah Croft 4 Feb 2021

Defence is enraptured with its fascination with AI. Future capability is ‘AI-enabled’. Data is the new oil. Human-machine teams win the Champions League.

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Australian nav ras ai strategy

Multi-Domain Integration & the Future of Defence Procurement (Part III)

Hannah Croft
Hannah Croft 11 Dec 2020

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