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Doug Fitzmaurice
Doug Fitzmaurice 6 Oct 2021
Operational Engineering Software Development

Every new project needs a name.

At Rowden, we happen to use CrossFit workout names. Project Loredo, Burt, Annie, and even Zeus, a new favourite.

To make the naming process easier for the project managers, I created a Rowden Project Name Generator. Generator is perhaps a bit cheeky as all it does it stick the word "project" in front of a workout name, but at least it does it with style.

The hardest part was getting a simple list of enough workout names. There are lots of sites with a few here and there, or with names and a lot of information spread out over hundreds of pages, but eventually I found a blog with 200 or so "Hero" workouts on one page. I extracted the names with a query run in the F12 Developer Console:

Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("div#content strong")).map(el => el.innerHTML).join(",")

After a bit of manual filtering to remove invalid entries and sort things nicely I had a list like this


The page is a basic HTML page with a single heading, then a snippet of Javascript to update the name with a random entry from the list:

const field = document.getElementById("name");
field.innerHTML = names[Math.floor((Math.random()*names.length))].toUpperCase();

And we're done. As it's a single self-contained page it's hosted on Azure Storage which provides the simplest way to get a publicly accessible page. A CDN in front of it provides the Rowden domain and SSL certificate.

As a finishing touch I added an easter egg to the page when a particular name comes up....

Project moon