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When Team Building meets 3D Printing

Alex Harvey
Alex Harvey 2 Dec 2021
Operational Engineering People and Culture
Op Eng Door Sign

Welcome to Operational Engineering...

To set the scene: you have been asked to organise Op Eng's Team-Building exercise.

You are giddy with power.

After a few suggestions and some deliberation, you decide upon an Escape Room challenge. You want your team to be really challenged, too, so you select the hardest room available with only a 40% successful escape rate.

You have a lab with a whole host of methods for rapid prototyping at your disposal… of course you’re going to design and build (rather than buy) some prizes.

A quick search online yields plenty of potential 3D models that could be customised to suit your needs.

All that needs to be done now is to manufacture them, and for that you choose to use a PLA 3D printer and a SLA resin 3D printer.

Some quick hot-gluing, sanding, and gold spray paint later and your prizes are ready.

And aren't they beautiful!

(The losing team asked not to be featured on this article…)

Winner Trophy Crop
Losers Award Small