Who We Are

Making sure that those who put themselves in harm's way benefit from the best in technological innovation.

Rowden was founded by former operators and government contractors who experienced, first-hand, the obstacles to new technology innovation and exploitation in support of National Security problems.

We see how commercial technologies and breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence could save lives and deliver incredible advantages to users who are required to make time-critical decisions in the most challenging environments. But it requires new ways of thinking and working together to make sure meaningful innovation gets into their hands at speed.

We believe this starts with challenging assumptions about the ‘optimal capability’. It means focusing the ingenuity of engineers on delivering transformational, not just incremental, capability gains.

And it’s about proving the performance of your solution in weeks, not years.

Rowden exterior

Our Values

We believe that having strong and clearly articulated values creates an environment where we can deliver on our purpose and enjoy the journey.

  • 01. We build knowledge through practical experience. Building knowledge
  • 02. Pace matters. Pace matters
  • 03. We use uncertainty to our advantage. Use uncertainty
  • 04. Our diverse skills and backgrounds make us better. Diversity
  • 05. We are radically honest. Radically honest
  • 06. We improve continuously. Improve continuously